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Little Things That People Can Take For Granted

Today, I received hair ties that I had ordered online that are specially designed for people who only have use of one hand to put their hair up. It took two weeks to be delivered because it came from another country. I have a weakness on my right side called hemiplegia and I have limited use of my right hand. I have never been able to put my hair up and I always need help if I want to. I tried putting my hair up with the new hair ties and I almost can do it! My disability (which I hate using that term because I don’t think I am disabled, I just have some challenges,) can be frustrating sometimes, but I’ll do great things one day. This is just one thing that I will be able to do by myself one day. Its the little things like being able to drive a car and tie my shoes with two hands that make life complete.

The whole point of my story is that in life I think some people can take little things that they can do for granted and not realize that everything they do in life, all they accomplish no matter how small it may seem is a accomplishment in their life.